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Help For Moms & Dads— Information to help home school parents.

These are fun and things you need to know as a home schooling parent or may want to know or teach your children. There are crafts and assignments and Fun Stuff. All downloads are free at no cost to you. When you click on the download button the item will open in a new window and you will be able to preview before you download or save your copy.

Free printable downloads “Fun Game To Play for Children & Everyone!” For Parents “Spelling &   Vocabulary Fun   to Learn!” “Math Practice, Get In the Game with Math Study!” For Parents “Great Sites for  Children  And Teens!”

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We sell “Little Used” and new items.  Our items are purchased locally to maintain a high quality and support our local community, however we do accept donations occasionally.  We sell , toys, trading cards, antiques, china replacements, movies, software, ink, books , clothing, bell bottoms, movies, textbooks and miscellaneous items. We  raise monies for educational supplies and  maintenance for our web site services.  

With our new store we will be able to list faster and meet the demands of a growing inventory.  Please feel free to sign up and sell on our new auction site too.  

 We thank you for your business and donations that help support our continuing cause of providing free online educational materials for parents and children who home school.   

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